◆ History Largest NB-IOT summit was held in HongKong

History Largest NB-IOT summit was held in Hongkong 

OVIPHONE CEO Mr.Jack Yu was invited to attend and made a speech



NB-IOT(Narrow band-internet of things)industry is repid growing . Forecast according to the third party report,In a total of 10 trillion connected market space, there are 14 billion low power wide area (LPWA) market. Conservatively estimates, compared with the traditional technology, the using of NB-IOT will get 3 times incremental connection, by 2023 will up to 4.2billion connection, and create 4.2trillion dollars value. It can be said that NB-IOT makes more objects connected and managed, so the huge amount of data generated will open up more commercial profit model for operators.

There is no doubt that the NB-IOT technology has broken through the LPWA market fragmentation, the non standardization of technical defects, is the most promising solution for the LPWA market. The technology can provide a lot of low throughput, ultra low cost and low power consumption, and has the unique advantages of low power consumption, optimizing the network architecture, and the security of telecom level. It can be predicted that in the near future, NB-IOT will be launched in the global large-scale deployment.

Based on the potential of the NB-IOT market, in today's HUAWEI MBB Forum meeting, VDF directory ,Luke Ibbetson is behalf of the operators called for NB-IOT standards freeze ASAP, business start ing ASAP, releasing commercial new blue ocean great potential ability.

The Summit was full seated , atmosphere Hot

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